Voyageur Needs A New RD

The awesome Voyageur 50 Mile (and probably half Voyageur too?) are in need of a new RD since Rollie will be moving out of the area. The race is financially self supporting, and the current RD would like to find a replacement by early 2010 so that he can help with the transition.

Interested? Give Rollie a shout at trailrun thingy frontiernet dot net

Edit: Apparently the Cernow’s are still directing the Half (which typically takes place 2 weeks earlier than the 50), so only the Voyageur 50 Mile is looking for a new RD.


One Response to Voyageur Needs A New RD

  1. Steve Q says:

    Looks like Andy Holak will take over starting next year, but this year is still a big question mark.

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