Quest Stage Races

This may be one of the more interesting things to hit the Upper Midwest Trail Running scene in a long time: Quest stage races.

These are multiple day races where each participant completes a pre-determined course and distance each day. There are mandatory check in points along the course (that typically also provide water), but  each racer will need to figure out how much food and water to carry as well as find their own way along the trail using a map and compass. Navigation is not nearly as technical as orienteering, but general map reading skills are necessary. No outside assistance from crews are allowed while the runner is out on the course.

Superior Hiking Trail

The first is set to debut this August 25-29 for 105 miles along the north end of the Superior Hiking Trail, and is called VoyageurQuest. I wish I hadn’t already committed to a 50 miler in Michigan during the same time, or this would really be tuggin’ at me.

Next year’s Quest will be completely different, taking place over 5 days on the Centennial Trail in the Black Hills of South Dakota.


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