Voyageur 50 Mile

February 28, 2011

The Minnesota Voyageur 50 mile has a new website up and running, and entry forms for the 2011 race are posted!

Upper Midwest Trail Runners

February 12, 2011

The Upper Midwest Trail Runners club, which encompasses MN, WI, Upper MI, ND, SD, and the northern half of Iowa, has a new website!

This is a great trail running club that has several different race series from the 5K trail series, the trail run series ranging from 10K to marathon, the Ultra Series which is all about 50K to 100 Milers, and the ultimate in north woods ultra running, the Gnarly Bandit which is all 100K and 100 Miles (with a cash prize this year).  Oh! And there’s also the Braveheart Snowshoe series so can get your groove on all year long. Entry into any or all of the series is included with your annual $20 membership.

Not to be confused with this site, Upper Midwest Trail Races, which is staying put!