Ultimate Direction Sale at Amazon

May 13, 2015

Just a quick temporary post – wordpress.com won’t let me post a working link to the Amazon sale page, so I wrote a post on my Personal Training blog and can link you to it here.

Amazon is having an Ultimate Direction sale on several models of their vests, bottles, waist packs, bladders, and more ’til the end of May! Up to 25% off selected models!

I haven’t tried their vests (I still love my old Nathan with a Camelbak bladder) and I’m not a fan of waist packs, but Ultimate Direction makes my favorite hand held water bottle – and it’s on sale! I’ve already got a few of these (nice to be able to leave them in drop bags during ultra-marathons), and they are extremely durable, have a wide mouth which makes them easy to fill (or add ice) and easy to clean. And there’s a little zipper compartment attached to the adjustable mesh strap that holds keys and maybe a few other small items (credit card, lip balm). Looks like the compartment is even bigger on these newer models (not really sure I want my cell phone attached to my hand held water bottle). I have the older model and am still using them after 8 years of regular abuse.

If you like Ultimate Direction products or have always wanted to try them – this is a great opportunity to pick up some gear at a discount!

Happy Trails 🙂