Black Friday Sale at Front Runner

November 24, 2011

Front Runner will be offering half price entry for any of their 2012 events from November 26-29, 2012!

Included are 5 different trail races from 5K to 50K in Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as triathlons, duathlons, and road races.

You can enter online or by snail mail, so sleep in – no getting trampled at a mall or parking lot required.

Tuscobia Winter Ultra Revived

November 21, 2011

Hot off the press – this year’s Tuscobia Winter Ultramarathon will be held in the north woods of Wisconsin after all! Not a fat ass, but the real deal!

The entire course will be held on the Tuscobia State Trail where you’ll have the option to run, bike, or ski 50K, 75 Miles, or 150 Miles. That’s not a typo 😉

Expect a no frills race where participants should plan on being self sufficient (would you really want it any other way?). Minimal aid on an out and back snowmobile track.

Check the race website or the Face Book page for up to the minute details and to chat with other participants. Volunteers are also encouraged to join the party!

Tuscobia Winter Ultra Canceled

November 17, 2011

Last minute notice that the Tuscobia Winter Ultramarathon(s) have been canceled. Even the website has been deleted with no warning, so I can’t even post a link for reference.

However, there are some hardy souls who are trying to put together a fat ass run/bike/ski in it’s place as a training event for Arrowhead 135.

Current thoughts are holding it the weekend of Dec 16-17, with lots of interest in 50K – 75 miles, possibly even 150 miles. Lots of details still to be worked out, including location, although organizers are trying to keep it on the Tuscobia Trail similar to the original event.

For more info, check out the event page for the Unofficial Tuscobia 150/75 on Face Book.