The MUTT Team Trail Race

February 28, 2015

Hey, check out this TEAM trail race in mid-lower Michigan! (Roughly the palm of the mitten if you need a visual aid). As of this printing, the Mid-Michigan Ultra Team Trail race is the the only one of its kind and it sounds Really. Seriously. FUN!

Each team will consist of a 5, 10, 20, and 31 mile runner. At the start of the race, each team will start out running together and MUST stay together until they reach the 2.5 mile mark, then the 5 mile runner will turn around and return to the start/finish line completing the 5 mile run, while the remaining three runners continue on. At the 5 mile mark, the 10 mile runner will turn around and head back to the start/finish line, with the remaining two continuing on. At mile 10, the 20 mile runner will return and so on. Once all 4 runners return to the finish line completing their individual distances, all four times are tabulated for the total team time. The MUTT team trail race is two races in one. All four individual times are added together to make up the team time, but each individual time is also used for individual distance awards as well. Because each team member is running a different distance, they are not competing against each other for individual awards, so it’s a true team effort.

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